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Value of Imaging Through Comparative Effectiveness (VOICE)
A Collaborative Training Program in Biomedical Big Data and Comparative Effectiveness Research
Sunday - Sunday
Apr 1, 2018 - Jun 9, 2019


Value of Imaging through Comparative Effectiveness (VOICE):
A Collaborative Training Program in Biomedical Big Data and Comparative Effectiveness Research

June 9-10, 2018 (NYU -550 First Ave)
Sept 15-16, 2018 (NYU - 550 First Ave)
Dec 15-16, 2018 (NYU - 550 First Ave)
March 9-10, 2019 (NYU - 550 First Ave)
June 8-9, 2019 (NYU - 550 First Ave)

Please contact Michelle Koplik with any questions or call 212-263-3936.

Course Purpose
The course has been developed to allow imagers to gain the skills necessary to analyze Biomedical Big Data and perform comparative effectiveness research to demonstrate the impact and value of imaging.

The course uses an innovative hybrid on-line and in-person method of learning. There are five individual modules to this course that will each consist of approximately 16-20 hours of on-line didactics followed by a two-day interactive in-person component.

The topics of the five courses are as follows (two covering big data analytic techniques and three comparative effectiveness techniques):

1. Evidence Synthesis and Systematic Review
2. Decision Analysis and Implementation Science
3. Value Assessment and Cost Effectiveness Analysis
4. Principles of Big Data Analytics
5. Big Data Analytics - Applications

Course Description
This program will begin in April 2018. Each course will take place in an 8-10 week time period so that the complete curriculum of all five courses will be completed in approximately a 14 month period. All five in person sessions will take place at NYU Langone Medical Center. Faculty for the courses will be national experts in both comparative effectiveness and big data analytics.

Tuition for the program will be $2,500 for the 1 year hybrid on-line and in person didactive sessions. Spaces are limited to maximize the learning experience for attendees. This program is supported by a R25 NIH grant from NIBIB and a strategic alignment grant from the AUR.

General Information
Radiology - for more details call (212) 263-3936
Fee: 1 Year hybrid on-line & in person didactive sessions $2,500
Course Directors:
Meeting Location:
NYU Langone Medical Center

550 First Avenue New York, NY 10016
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