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APRIL 6, 2015 through APRIL 13, 2015

Academic Events
Monday, April 6, 2015
  Ophthalmology:   Ophthalmology Angle Closure Glaucoma --- Celso Tello, MD Attending NYEE Hospital , 7:00 AM, Bellevue Hospital, 462 First Avenue, NBV 5N18 - Contact Denise Ortiz at 212-263-3263 or at
  Skirball Seminar Series:   Physiology of Nutrient Sensing by mTOR --- Alejo Efeyan, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow Whitehead Institute , 11:00 AM, SKI 3rd Floor Seminar Room - Contact Nancy Rodriguez at 212-263-2989 or at
  Dept. of Environmental Medicine:   Molecular Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Journal Club - "Association between Traffic-Related Air Pollution in Schools and Cognitive Development in Primary School Children: A Prospective Cohort Study --- Alex Besser Graduate Assistant New York University School of Medicine Department of Environmental Medicine , 12:00 PM, Sterling Forest Auditorium - Contact Helen Duss at
  Nephrology:   Personalizing the diuretic treatment of hypertension to achieve better results --- Samuel Mann, MD (2) Professor of Clinical Medicine NY Presbyterian Hospital ? Weill Cornell Medical Center , 12:00 PM, Skriball 3rd Floor Conference Room - Contact Rosa Kim at
  Human Subjects Research Administration:   2014-2015 Fundamentals of the IRB -New Submissions --- "This session will provide attendees with information on how to submit an Application for New Protocol Review to the IRB. Attendees will learn how to complete the online smart form, receive guidance on the type of answers that will ensure a faster approval and obtain an overview of the IRB office staff available to assist you with any questions. Brown bag session. All attendees are invited to bring lunch. Register for this session using the IDevelop system. See instructions:" 12:00 PM, One Park Avenue, 6 Floor
  Pathology Seminars:   Special Seminar with Hans Snoeck --- Hans Snoeck, MD, PhD Professor of Pathological Anatomy Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons NY, NY , 1:30 PM, MSB 248 - Contact Michelle Wicinski at 3-9898 or at
  Honors Program:   In Search of our Inner Zebras: Adventures in the Genomics of Inflammation --- Dan Kastner, MD,PhD Director, Division of Intramural Research; Head, Office of the Scientific Director NIH Bethesda, MD NIH Distinguished Investigator; Head. Inflammatory Disease Section , 4:00 PM, ALumni Hall - Classroom B - Contact Josephine Markiewicz at 263-3815 or at
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
  Population Health - Center for Healthful Behavior Change:   Research on Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes among African Migrants: the RODAM study --- Dr. Charles Agyemang Principal Investigator and Associate Professor Department of Public Health, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam , 12:00 PM, Translational Research Building | 227 E 30th Street , 6th Floor | Seminar Room 619 - Contact Jarette Samuels at 212-263-4280 or at
  Cell, Developmental, and Stem Cell Biology Seminars:   The regulation of stem cell self-renewal --- Sean Morrison, PhD Professor UT Southwestern Dallas, TX , 12:00 PM, Skirball 4th Floor Seminar Room - Contact Julia Gelman at 212-263-3935 or at
  Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics:   BMI Faculty Seminar: Pathway Databases: Making Chemical and Biological Sense of the Genomic Data Flood --- "Pathway databases are a means to systematically associate proteins with their functions and link them into networks that describe the reaction space of an organism. The Reactome Knowledgebase provides a convenient example to illustrate strategies used to assemble such a reaction space based on manually curated experimental data, approaches to semiautomated extension of these manual annotations to infer annotations for a large fraction of a species? proteins, and the use of networks of functional annotations to infer pathway relationships among variant proteins that have been associated with disease risk through genome-wide surveys, resequencing studies of tumors, and high-throughput surveys of gene expression patterns." , Peter D'Eustacio, Ph D Professor NYUSOM , 1:30 PM, Skirball 3rd Fl Seminar Room - Contact Jeanne Webster at 212-263-2194 or at
  Population Health - Division of Biostatistics:   Simultaneous Confidence bands for survival functions in Cox regression framework --- "Abstract: Cox regression combined with semiparametric random censorship models provides a powerful framework for obtaining improved parameter estimates [Mondal and Subramanian (2014). Model Assisted Cox Regression, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Volume 123, 281-303]. Here we exploit this methodology to construct several new simultaneous confidence bands (SCBs) for subject-specific survival curves. Simulation results are presented to compare the performance of the proposed SCBs with competing ones that are based only on standard Cox. The new SCBs provide correct empirical coverage and are more informative. The proposed methods provide easy extensions for the case when censoring indicators may be missing for a subset of study subjects." , Sundarraman Subramanian, Ph.D. Associate Professor New Jersey Institute of Technology , 3:00 PM, 650 First Avenue, 5th Floor Conference Room - Contact Bernice Townsend at 212-263-0363 or at
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
  Ophthalmology:   Ophthalmology Mortality and Morbidity --- Laurence Sperber, MD Attending NYU School of Medicine 462 First Avenue , 7:00 AM, Bellevue Hospital, 462 First Avenue, NBV 5N18 - Contact Denise Ortiz at 212-263-3263 or at
  Plastic Surgery:   Mangled LE Management and Outcomes --- "Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds" , Toni McLaurin, MD Orthopedic Surgeon NYU Hospital for Joint Disease , 7:00 AM, Bellevue Hospital, Bogert Education Center, CD522 - Contact Carla Navarro at
  Ob/Gyn:   Integrated Care Rounds --- 7:15 AM, Smilow First Floor Seminar Room - Contact Maricela Acevedo at 212-263-5093 or at
  Plastic Surgery:   Research Update --- "Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds" , Marc Soares, MD Plastic Surgery Resident NYU School of Medicine , 8:00 AM, Bellevue Hospital, Bogert Education Center, CD522 - Contact Carla Navarro at
  Institute for Systems Genetics:   Cracking the Epitranscriptome --- Schraga Schwartz, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Cambridge MA , 11:00 AM, Alumni Hall B - Contact Nakisha Davis at 1-0795 or at
  Other Neuroscience Seminars:   Neuroscience Weekly Group Meeting --- "Tsien Lab" 12:00 PM, Smilow 1st Floor Seminar Room
  Sackler Institute:   Rapid and Continuous Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Compressed Sensing --- "Thesis Defense: Li Feng, PhD candidate Thesis Advisor: Dr. Daniel Sodickson, MD, PhD and Dr. Ricardo Otazo, PhD Training Program: Biomedical Imaging" 3:00 PM, Alumni Hall B - Contact Lisabeth Greene at
Thursday, April 9, 2015
  Ophthalmology:   Ophthalmology Retinal Imaging --- Theododre Roland Smith, MD Attending NYU School of Medicine 462 First Avenue , 7:00 AM, Bellevue Hospital, 462 First Avenue, NBV 5N18 - Contact Denise Ortiz at 212-263-3263 or at
  Immunology Club:   Resident memory CD8 T cells --- David Masopust, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology University of Minnesota Medical School Minneapolis , 12:00 PM, Skirball 3rd-Floor Seminar Room - Contact Jeff Blenker at 212-263-7520 or at
  Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine:   William N. Rom Symposium --- "Global Health Environmental Lung Disease Climate Change" 1:00 PM, Farkas Auditorium - Contact Maria Tababan at 212-263-6479 or at
Friday, April 10, 2015
  Cardiology:   Cardiac iPSC's for Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery --- Joseph Wu, MD Professor of Medicine Stanford University , 8:00 AM, Skirball 4 seminar room - Contact Estelle Bonner at 33967 or at
  Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds:   TBA --- Sarah Hochman, MD Instructor Albert Einstein College of Medicine , 8:00 AM, Smilow Seminar Room - Contact Ming Chan at
  Endocrinology Grand Rounds:   Endocrinology Grand Rounds: "IGF --- David Kleinberg, MD. Professor, Director of Neuroendocrine Unit NYU School of Medicine NYU Langone Medical Center , 1:00 PM, NYU Langone Medical Center -Smilow Research Center, 1st Floor Seminar Room - Contact Namrata Gumaste at

Public Events
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
  NYU Langone Medical Center Public:   Urology Grand Rounds --- "Department of weekly Urology Grand Rounds" 7:15 AM, Skirball 3rd Seminar Room - Contact Sabine Gay at
  CTSI:   IBD Interest Group Meeting --- "The Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) Interest Group consists of basic and clinical researchers who meet monthly to discuss works in progress, clinically-challenging patients, and recent IBD literature. This group also works to develop infrastructure to facilitate IBD-related research. The next meeting of the IBD Interest Group will take place on April 8th, in Smilow Conference Room A from 5:00 ? 6:00 pm. Speakers are TBD. To learn more about this event, please contact:" 5:00 PM, Smilow Conference Room A - Contact Allison Zucker at 212-263-2584 or at
Thursday, April 9, 2015
  Psychiatry:   Department of Psychiatry: Annual Jonathan D. Brodie Lecture Grand Rounds --- "When Your Patient Dies By Suicide: Aftermath and Implications" , Benjamin Sadock, MD Menas S. Gregory Professor of Psychiatry NYU Langone Medical Center , 11:00 AM, Alumni Hall B - Contact Ellen Lerner at 646-754-4854 or at

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